It must be Because Our Kids Are Worth it

KidsBecause our kids are worth it

When we are born we are helpless, totally dependent on others, innocent, extremely fragile and with a desperate need for human touch and love.

Yes, hugs can actually save lives!!

Did you know that if a human baby does not get physically touched (in a loving way) by another human being even though they may receive adequate food and water, they will eventually die of “lack of love or touch”.

As we grow older if treated with love kids become extremely creative, free to express and develop their natural talents… It is usually at the teenage stage where things go astray… Now, wanting to be ‘different’ to be ‘noticed’ is the second time in their lives that love is essential, not only for their sanity but even their very lives.

Teenage suicide is slowly on the rise.Research shows that the most common aspect of teenage suicide is isolation and exclusion.

These kids feel left out, unloved, worthless, not heard, no voice and alone.. helpless.

The book “Because Our kids are worth it” written by Barbara Coloroso points out that kids need to be reassured everyday both at school and at home with 6 life messages.
Check out this you tube video with Barbara Coloroso
Kids need our time… period. We cannot be good parents unless we invest time with our children.

Check out this you tube video with BarbaraColoroso:

6 Critical Life Messages

Kids need to receive these 6 critical life messages which need confirming on a daily basis.
These messages are:
1. I believe in you..
2. I trust you..
3. I know you can handle this..
4. You are listened to..
5. You are cared for..
6. And.. you are very important to me..

Every opportunity that we can convey these messages and in many different ways, is so important for that child to grow up as a confident adult with a healthy amount of self worth that will allow them to get through all the challenges that life throws at them…

Because our kids are worth it.