Education – What a mess

classroomHistory of Education

Formal public education started in the 1700’s when the Prussian leader needed his subjects to support him in his doctrines and personal goals. To bring people in line with HIS own thinking and politics he decided to ‘educate’ his subjects.

It was more of a brain washing than anything else, to get his subjects to agree with his ways. The results were outstanding and later on institutions and governments decided to do the same. Educate the people for ‘their’ needs.

The experience of one Dentist in Bali gives the alternative education methods thumbs up and maybe some hope for our kids:  see last paragraph below…..

When the industrial age started ‘conveyor belt’ education was adopted to fill the demand of engineers, scientists and the like. This was the real start of the education system as we know it today. Unfortunately the system has not really changed with the changes in demand for the world.

Main stream education as we know it today has not changed much since the early years. Methods employed of forcing subjects to memorise information in the areas of maths, science, reading and writing are still predominantly used today, and yet we left the Industrial age many many decades ago.

Although research has come a long way in understanding how kids best learn they have been unable to penetrate and ‘break’ into mainstream education and therefore adoption of these methods has been impossible.

Mainstream education has become an unstoppable monster with an administration that has become robotic in nature.

Silent Revolution – Alternative Education on the rise

Fortunately, recently (due mainly to the internet) the results and findings of improved methods of learning and education are outstanding and widely known allowing passionate individuals and small institutions to rise up with the new methods of learning. A small and silent revolution is starting to take hold.

When we look at the ‘natural’ way of learning (this can be observed today in tribes living without disturbance from the modern world) we see the most efficient and fastest way of learning is when it occurs:

1. In constant motion
2. While outside
3. In small groups
4. Learning authentic skills
5. Through play

We can actually observe that this is completely opposite to the learning / teaching methods of mainstream education today, which occurs:

1. Sitting at desks
2. Inside
3. In large groups
4. Learning contrived knowledge
5. Through drudgery

holistic educationOne of the rising systems of new education methods is the “Holistic” approach.

Holistic education taught typically in small groups in playful activity and outside, is where the whole child is taken into account: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Allowing a child to learn at his / her own pace in playful activity without stress is the most productive of all learning methods.
Allowing children to have a voice without fear of being reprimanded or ‘trodden down’ allows optimal creativity and a healthy confidence to emerge.

Since the pace of change of technology is so rapid it is impossible to predict what children in the next generation need to learn… the best education is an education that teaches a child HOW to learn so that he / she can adapt to ANY situation or demand.

It is well known in the medical field that the holistic approach is best to reduce stress. For example someone afraid of the dentist becomes much calmer and less fearful when the whole procedure is explained with full knowledge of why and how.

One of the Doctors whom i personally know at Bali Dentist in Indonesia will attest to this. Patients become much calmer and even inquisitive when they know exactly what is happening, what the next step is and why. Taking into account variety of physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a child similarly will eliminate stress and thus evoke a state conducive of learning, creativity and provoke inquiry.

Holistic schools are bouncing up everywhere all over the world and my hope is that one day Holistic methods of education become the MAINSTREAM.

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