Bless and Be Blessed

3B Marketing – Bless and Be Blessed

BlessingsThis is sometimes called ‘Attraction Marketing’ or ‘Education Marketing’… they’re all the same. Blessing others with value and then being blessed back… It’s how the universe is set up.

This concept is not just for marketing but for life in general… if you generally bless others in other words you become a blessing to others, then your own life will be blessed.

When people encounter you or come into your world, do they learn something up front or not?
Are they given some value … or not, before they become a customer or a friend…. without conditions?

Build a following

Build a following by giving value upfront…
Attract your perfect customer by offering something of value and then when there is something to buy they are more likely to make the purchase with you.

Put education into the market place and you will attract a large audience. People are not interested in what you have to sell until they know you. And one of the ways for them to stick around long enough for them to get to know you, is for you to give them a gift.. Not just any gift but something that you know will be of value to THEM.

Once you have built a large audience it is easy to sell them something you have to offer.

So how do you know what gift will be of value to them? Good question and this is the reason why you MUST have thought about in depth of Who your perfect customer is.
You need to be super detailed on the type of person who has a need for your product or service. You need to have written down ALL their characteristics including what challenges they may have, what goals and desires they have etc etc.

Once you have identified this then you can easily see what solutions they are in need of and you can create your gift for them around that need.
… and then when they have exchanged their contact details for their free gift, give them MORE value. Over deliver on value and you will see your audience grow.

Become a Hero

Solve your audiences problems and you will become a hero. (This guy hits the nail on the head in a 12 second video)

Then when you occasionally drop in a product for sale you have a large enough audience to know that a certain percentage will be ready to make the purchase.

It is a sequence of give, give, give.. sell. / give, give, give.. sell…. and not sell sell sell sell sell… which is what most people are doing.

Hope this helps you all not just for your marketing but for life in general

Guest Blogger .. R.H

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