Alternative Education

Alternative Education?Alternative Education

What is it? If you take the formal definition, in summary it is any approach to education that differs frm the mainstream approach in any given culture.

The bureaucracy and administration that has been built up in government and educational institutions surrounding mainstream education has grown so large that it has becomes almost impossible to change its direction let alone stop it, which quite frankly is what is needed to be done.

It is like trying to turn around or stop a huge oil tanker while at full speed.

The problem is that main stream education is OUT OF DATE and quite honestly has become extremely dangerous, feeding the fuel and aiding the increase in depression and suicide rates in our youth today.

WHY?… because depression and suicide all starts from segregation, when individuals, especially young adults or younger are segregated because of age, ability, brain power and all the things that schools DO.

For those talented in areas other than the so called essential traditional talents of maths reading and writing, feel that they are worth less than others. They feel that THEY are abnormal etc. When someone becomes segregated under these terms, depression and an extreme feeling of low self esteem sets in. If this continues the next stage could be ..”i don’t belong in this world”… and suicide happens. or even worse gun toting youths decide to take out others before claiming their own lives.

i am not saying that schools or mainstream education are the cause of or are totally to blame for this as there are many other factors involved such as upbringing by role models being mainly the parents, society and culture as a whole. What i am saying is that schools using mainstream traditional education certainly does not help and in most cases adds fuel to the fire.

I applaud the alternative education movement which is trying to stop this segregation and show that all of us have strengths and weaknesses and that we are all worthy. We each have our own valuable purpose in society.

Such things as respecting all living things, the environment and all the differences that we human being have: Different shapes, sizes, talents, intellect,… needs, desires, etc.

Harmony in variety.

We can learn so much from the environment and nature and many alternative education institutes have this as one of their top values.

This is the cry of an international holistic school with mission statement below the list:

  • We don’t all have to be the same
  • We don’t all have to think the same
  • We don’t all have to act the same
  • We don’t all have to talk the same
  • We don’t all have to believe the same things
  • We all have the right to be ourselves
  • We like it that we can be ourselves
  • We like it that people are different
  • We know that our difference make us interesting and unique
  • We each have our different ways of being, acting and believing
  • Even when we don’t agree with others, we do our best to solve problems peacefully
  • We speak up if we see others being treated unfairly
  • We treat each other the way we would like to be treated
  • We treat each other with respect

Mission Statement:

“This School” ….. strives to make children confident, responsible and creative builders of their future. We work towards an integrated holistic curriculum that reaches across disciplines and age levels. Students are encouraged to meet academic, social and emotional challenges with openness, enthusiasm and a willingness to solve problems. The aim is for an atmosphere of co-operation, with respect for individual differences in the context of community values.

I totally applaud all those who value our children enough to fight the traditional mainstream monster and together just maybe the ship can be turned into a new direction with a more beneficial goal for all mankind.. Amen.

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