Who and Why

Hi… my name is Andrew (Andy for short).
For the past 21/2 years i have worked at a Holistic school.
For most of this time a sense of peace and creativity even for a relative outsider was experienced. There was always profound sense that things were really working for the children… and lo and behold… they were.

This site is about holistic education, why and how it came about.  The real affect it has on the children being educated, the parents and the teachers.  Also it will include my personal experience, the experience
of the principal and others while i was stationed at the school … the reality and the dream and how far (or near) they came together.

I dedicate the website to our children of the day and to Dr. Montessori who was one of the founders of the new ‘education’ movement.

It’s a revolution against the outdated traditional mainstream system of education where kids are typically taught in large groups, inside, obsolete information, through drudgery.

Holistic education in contrast teaches children in small groups, outside, relevant information on ‘How To’, through play.

Feel to to reach out to us...