Alternative Education

Alternative Education?Alternative Education

What is it? If you take the formal definition, in summary it is any approach to education that differs frm the mainstream approach in any given culture.

The bureaucracy and administration that has been built up in government and educational institutions surrounding mainstream education has grown so large that it has becomes almost impossible to change its direction let alone stop it, which quite frankly is what is needed to be done. Continue reading Alternative Education

Bless and Be Blessed

3B Marketing – Bless and Be Blessed

BlessingsThis is sometimes called ‘Attraction Marketing’ or ‘Education Marketing’… they’re all the same. Blessing others with value and then being blessed back… It’s how the universe is set up.

This concept is not just for marketing but for life in general… if you generally bless others in other words you become a blessing to others, then your own life will be blessed.

When people encounter you or come into your world, do they learn something up front or not?
Are they given some value … Continue reading Bless and Be Blessed

Education – What a mess

classroomHistory of Education

Formal public education started in the 1700’s when the Prussian leader needed his subjects to support him in his doctrines and personal goals. To bring people in line with HIS own thinking and politics he decided to ‘educate’ his subjects.

It was more of a brain washing than anything else, to get his subjects to agree with his ways. The results were outstanding and later on institutions and governments decided to do the same. Educate the people for ‘their’ needs.

The experience of one Dentist in Bali gives the alternative education methods thumbs up and maybe some hope for our kids:  see last paragraph below….. Continue reading Education – What a mess

It must be Because Our Kids Are Worth it

KidsBecause our kids are worth it

When we are born we are helpless, totally dependent on others, innocent, extremely fragile and with a desperate need for human touch and love.

Yes, hugs can actually save lives!!

Did you know that if a human baby does not get physically touched (in a loving way) by another human being even though they may receive adequate food and water, they will eventually die of “lack of love or Continue reading It must be Because Our Kids Are Worth it

Welcome to the learning path

Welcome All… to the Montessori Learning Path.


Creativity and freedom .. these 2 words (aside from love and compassion) i believe, are 2 key words that describe part of the image of God that we were created in….

Q. So what does Fibonacci and the flower of life have to do with that?…
Ans: Read On…

I believe in nature the flower of life and the Fibonacci series describes ultimate creativity and freedom.

Q. So what has that got to do with school, education and kids.
Continue reading Welcome to the learning path